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Where to Eat on Cape Cod?

June 1, 2021

The Cape Cod peninsula juts out into the Atlantic to the southeast of Boston, curving northward to enclose Cape Cod Bay partly. Cape Cod is a famous summer holiday spot for neighboring Boston and New York because of its gorgeous sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere. There are many fine dining establishments in the area. Many of these showcase the region’s abundant native fish and seafood in elevated New American and European cuisine.

The meal, without a doubt, can be one of the most appealing facets of your trip to Cape Cod. With the area attracting many visitors each summer, its restaurants have state-of-the-art and diverse services to cater to the majority. 

Top Places To Eat on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod almost looks like heaven for food-lovers! Make a point of finding a new seafood restaurant by the beach (there are plenty!). Over lobster rolls and crab, crack open a bottle of crisp wine or malt.

Bangkok Cuisine: 

Bangkok Cuisine serves the finest Thai food on Cape Cod, both to locals and tourists who come to visit this place from distant locations. They use only the freshest ingredients to ensure that you are entirely pleased. Thousands of families on Cape Cod have benefited from their incredible services. Thai cuisine contains some of the most delicious foods, including basil, ginger, coconut, curry, etc. Do not forget to try the Old Fashion Chicken Pad Thai. That is a great option to start your journey with.

Maison Villatte:

Maison Villatte is a French bakery and is worth a visit if you’re visiting the Cape. On Cape Cod, this little slice of Paris serves delectable quiches, pastries, coffee and croissants. A must-try is the flaky and flavorful croissants. Maison Villatte serves traditional French fare with a rustic twist, making it ideal for a Sunday morning meal.

Eat on Cape Cod_Maison Villatte

Water Street Kitchen: 

Water Street Kitchen has always been about the simplicity of ingredients, the passion that goes into cooking a meal, and the sense of community that comes from sharing it. 

Seasonal ingredients stimulate a new menu, made from scratch, full of global inspiration, and still recalls the best home-cooked meals. The haddock from their menu is the best-seller and served with a variety of ingredients. The exceptional range of dishes are neither very spicy nor sweet. Infact, each offers a perfect balance of taste.

Pickle Jar Kitchen: 

Pickle Jar Kitchen brings to you a healthy meal that should begin with wholesome natural ingredients and be served in a friendly and inviting environment. You can sit down and eat or take a quick bite to eat on the go. In either case, Pickle Jar Kitchen is a must-visit place. Don’t forget to their Blueberry Muffin French toast. 

Eat on Cape Cod_Pickle Jar Kitchen

Moonakis Cafe: 

If you are searching for a Cafe at East Falmouth, this can be the ideal place. The Moonakis Cafe is very welcoming, friendly and the atmosphere is quite good. They offer light pancakes, crispy waffles, and unique omelettes. The place offers breakfast seven days a week & lunch from Monday to Saturday. 

The Daily Paper:

For breakfast on Cape Cod, The Daily Paper is a must-to-visit. They’re committed to providing you with food made from essential, tasty ingredients that will attract you to return for more. To go along with your meal, order one of their locally roasted Beanstalk coffees. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, ideal for a relaxed morning on the Cape.

Eat on Cape Cod_The Daily Paper

Casa Vallarta: 

One of the best places to eat on Cape Cod is Casa Vallarta. Casa Vallarta is a small Mexican restaurant chain with four stores in Massachusetts and two in New York. It exudes a sense of belonging to a family. 

The restaurant is bright and lively on the inside. The service is excellent. Each one of the representatives is sensitive, polite, and professional. You should try their Tacos. They are crispy made from wheat tortillas topped with a filling.

Anejo Mexican Bistro: 

Anejo Mexican Bistro first opened its restaurant in August 2010 and soon established itself as a staple of the local dining scene. Co-owners Jamie Surprenant and Jesse Kersey take pride in providing an escape to Mexico in the heart of the city. You’ll love their unique take on fresh Mexican food and cocktails served in a lively, elegant atmosphere. Try their Chorizo, Camarones Quesadillas and Langosta Taquitos. 

Eat on Cape Cod_Anejo Mexican Bistro

Brazilian Grill:

This Brazilian Grill with a buffet theme is a meat lover’s dream come true. The service is outstanding, with both meat servers and waiters looking after you. The fillet mignon is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Brazilian Grill is guaranteed to impress you over with flavorful food and a memorable dining experience.

The Canteen:

The Canteen is among the best places to eat on the Cape, using local Cape Cod’s best quality ingredients to provide their guests with a memorable meal. This restaurant believes in helping small enterprises, so they regularly get their baked bread and products from Pain D’avignon, their Cape Cod neighbor. Try one of their delectable lobster rolls, which are available hot or cold. The Canteen is the place to go if you’re looking for authentic, new seafood with incredible flavors.

Well, that is not the end of the list of restaurants at Cape Cod. The place offers a variety of food options to satisfy every individual’s cravings. If you like trying different flavors and eating at local restaurants, add these restaurants to your list. Apart from being the most popular summer vacation destination, the place has ample restaurants. You’ll get a meal to satisfy any appetite. Indeed, try all of these endless places to eat on Cape Cod, from fine dining to casual eateries.

Eat on Cape Cod_The Canteen


Enjoy yourself while on vacation by visiting the finest Cape Cod restaurants! If you’re craving new fish or tangy foreign flavors, you’ll find plenty to fit your taste buds. At each of the Cape Cod Restaurants, culinary innovators have spiced it up, added some flare, and drawn on traditional recipes to make truly exceptional food. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy yourself while on vacation by visiting the finest Cape Cod restaurants!

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