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Why You Should Visit Martha’s Vineyard?

June 4, 2021

Sun, sand, beaches, and tranquility are the first and foremost things that come to mind when one plans to visit Martha’s Vineyard island. Located around just 4 miles in the sea off the Southeast coast of New England near Cape Cod, MA, this Island is not connected to the mainland! It is one of the most perfect getaway vacation destinations in all of Massachusetts.

A planned visit to Martha’s Vineyard gives you an exciting sense of stepping away from your hectic daily lives. To reach the island, you will need to get aboard on a ferry ride, on which you will feel the fresh ocean breezes and sparkling warm sunlight against your skin. That makes people visit Martha’s Vineyard or make their home on this beautiful island.

Here are some of our top places to see recommendations. We give you all the reasons to get aboard on the ferry and visit Martha’s Vineyard.

Want to be charmed by a Victorian-styled town? Visit Oak Bluffs:

Enjoy the tranquil and serene weather of winter buzzing with activities. Mesmerize in the blissful colors in summers. This Victorian-themed town of Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard is a mini paradise of its own. You’ll find many things to see in this charming town while you visit Martha’s Vineyard island. Some of them include historic cottages, scenic beaches, locals with a heart of gold, and downtown shops with vintage restaurants.

Another reason why coming to the town of Oak Bluffs while you visit Martha’s Vineyard is so popular is due to its convenient lodging facilities. It has unique attractions such as the lighthouses, inkwell beach, flying horses carousel, gingerbread cottages, and much more!

Meet friendly locals and experience the quaint harbor town- Vineyard Haven:

This quaint town of Martha’s Vineyard is given the name Vineyard Haven after the port. Here, the ferries depart and arrive for the tourists and locals who come to visit Martha’s Vineyard. One interesting fact is that the original name of this beautiful town is Tisbury and not Vineyard Haven.

The town has a bohemian aesthetic and is a perfect blend of the past and the present. Step off the ferry and immerse yourself in the culture, shops, and restaurants of this harbor town when you plan to visit Martha’s Vineyard.

Stand on the clay cliffs and look at the pristine beaches of Aquinnah:

Visit Martha's Vineyard_Aquinnah

Most of the people call The Aquinnah beach and cliff as the gay head. One of the most popular destinations among tourists, people who come to visit Martha’s Vineyard never miss this place. The beauty of this cliff is worth a trek. And, what’s more is that you can explore its pristine sandy beaches after the long trek.

You can also reach this place by car, bus, or bike during the peak summer season. Visiting Aquinnah cliffs and beaches is an adventure that you would cherish forever!

Check out the oldest and most vintage store on the island while you visit Martha’s Vineyard:

Located in the town of West Tisbury, Alley’s general store was built in the year 1858, and it is still running! In the past, this store was famous for providing basic household and staple goods to the locals of West Tisbury but flash forward to the current times, Alley’s has become a Vintage shop and a gathering spot for the local tourists alike!

The shop was renovated completely in the 1990s and was given a more classic look. Be sure to check out this delightful place in West Tisbury when you visit Martha’s Vineyard.

Experience the surrealness of Edgartown while you visit Martha’s Vineyard:


Edgartown, the oldest settlement on this island, dates back to the 17th century. The locals have done a great job at preserving the vintage elegance of this ancient town. The main attraction of Edgartown includes lively beaches and the must-visit Martha’s Vineyard Museum.

If you truly want to experience the liveliness of an island town, then you must pay a visit to Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard and indulge yourself in farming workshops, sand sculpting contests and fun food and wine festivals.


We are pretty certain that this beautiful island and its towns away from the busy mainland would be unforgettable and refreshing for you. Make sure to visit Martha’s Vineyard near Cape Cod to experience a vacation that feels like a home away from home.

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